Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chicky's weekly update - 3/8/2009

To track my weight I will be using the website You can see my profile any day of the week here. For a great description of what physics diet is and how it works check out this site.

To measure my body fat I use a scale that I bought at Walgreens. The scale isn't accurate but it will be consistent for tracking how much the percentage drops.

Every week I will post my weekly summary from the site and at the beginning of every month I will post my over all summary from the prior month.

The Good, Bad, and the Ugly


  • This week I ate fairly healthy not great but not horrible (after Sunday breakfast that is!)
  • I exercised 3 days (M, W, Th) with my new Fitness Video game
  • Friday and Saturday I went for walks 1.48 miles and 2.3 miles.
  • On Tuesday I drove into the Dairy Queen parking lot convinced I would get myself just a "Small" blizzard. Then I drove directly out the other side of the lot and had a glass of grape Kool-Aid and 3 handfuls of jalapeƱo cheetos. The blizzard would have been way worse.
  • I used a small can of chicken, some black beans, a slice of cheese, and some salsa and made a healthy burrito in the microwave. Tasty yummy.


  • I did not eat all my fruit and veggies this week (not even close).
  • I watched too much television.
  • I was all around lazy and didn't get any housework done.
  • I am not getting nearly enough water every day.
  • Birthday cake!


  • I spent most of the week fighting a horrible round of depression because of work.
  • I have been fighting the munchies all week. They have been the kind where I know that I could eat an entire pizza just to be putting food in my mouth.

Goals for next week

  • Next week I will have a fruit smoothie every single day.
  • I will try to remember to take my vitamins.
  • I will continue with my exercise program.
  • I will try to be happy.

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